The IQA Team audits the Career Development and Scholarship Management (CDMS).

BANGA, Aklan – ATI Region 6’s Internal Auditors conducted a week-long audit from July 14 to 17, 2020 to review the effective implementation of ATI’s Quality Management System and to conform to ISO 9001:2015’s standards.

The scope of the internal audit is composed of the following: Top Management; Monitoring and Evaluation of the Center’s programs, projects, and activities; Resource Generation and Networking; Career Development and Scholarship Management (CDMS); Accreditation of Extension Service Providers based on the Agency's approved Implementing Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines; Extension Program Development (PAS); e-Extension Management; Knowledge Products Development and Services (ISS); and Administrative and Finance Services (AFSU). These areas were audited based on their corresponding criteria identified in the Audit Plan.

The first day started with an opening meeting and orientation on how the audit procedure will be conducted. The IQA team presented some ATI staff who will learn and undergo the process of Internal audit as they are considered to replace the present auditors in the coming years. The internal audit proper started during the second day. The internal auditors started from Top Management followed by Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation; and ended with Trainings. On the third day, the team audited the Partnership and Accreditation Section then Document and Records Control, and concluded with the Information and Services Section. The Information Technology, Property and Supply Management, Human Resource, with the General Services/Motorpool were done on the third day with Finance on the last day of audit. The findings of each process were presented and discussed during the exit audit.

The IQA Team of ATI Region 6 is composed of Mary Ann A. Ramos as lead auditor, Training Specialist III/Chief, CDMS, Mavillo Z. Villorente, Senior Agriculturist/Chief, PASS; Ely C. Reontoy, Administrative Officer IV/Chief, AFU; Florepe M. Mortalla, Information Officer II of ISS; and Eraldgen N. Bernaldo, Planning Officer II/Chief, PMEU.

The third-party audit for ISO 9001:2015 re-certification is scheduled in the last week of August 2020.