Ph Trade Issues Takes the Spotlight on the Philippine Journal of Development

On the combined volume (41 and 42) of the Philippine Journal of Development (PJD), there are eight topics on the trade relations and concerns of the country.

The research studies featured in this volume include: Pacific Alliance for the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific; Liberalizing Trade in APEC Environmental Goods; Implications of a Philippines-United States Free Trade Agreement on Trade in Goods; Services-Manufacturing Linkage; Sustaining Competitiveness of Philippine Services; Stock Market Development in the Philippines; Domestic Resource Cost in Philippine Agriculture; and Health Accounts Estimates of the Philippines for CY 2012.

The PJD is a multidisciplinary social science journal, geared towards economics, political science, public administration, sociology, and other related disciplines.

To shed more light about the publication, come and visit the Agriculture and Fishery Knowledge Center at the Agricultural Training Institute in Diliman, Quezon City.

This is a useful reference for the business economics students and practitioners of other related fields.