Different but Not Less

“Different but not less” – a famous line of the movie Temple Grandin. The line speaks to our tendency to compare our genetic deficiencies and physical differences. We tend to see ourselves as less than because of them.

Alexander L. Llamas is different. He looks differently. He speaks differently. He has genetic differences.

Grow plants without a garden, the ‘Atong Ugsaran’ way

In this post we will walk you through the ‘Atong Ugsaran’, ATIng Gulayan project at ATI-RTC VI premises in support to Urban Agriculture Program. The project aims to localize food production to make food available, accessible, affordable, safe and provides additional income to urban areas.

Gardening is incredibly creative and a very rewarding hobby. Every garden is unique!

It’s therapeutic to dig in the dirt and watching plants' lush growth, and it’s rewarding.

Sweet Escape in Koronadal

Another School for Practical Agriculture in Region 12 is GerNil’s Farm owned by the Gawad Saka Awardee, Mr. Gerardo “Boy” Cordero in Brgy. Topland, Koronadal City. This farm specializes in processed coco products such as coco sugar and coco syrup distributed to major companies in Davao City.

4 things you need to do in Lake Sebu

Known as the home of T’boli and Ubo Tribes, Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is booming to become one of SOCCKSARGEN’s eco-tourism destinations. Not only that, this majestic place has a hidden agricultural industry gem. If you plan to spend a vacation trip in this region, here are some things you need to include in your itinerary:

From Flying to Farming

He used to drive an airplane and brought people to their dream destinations, today he opt to drive source of people’s lives to their stomach. He is Capt. James “Bong” Reamon.

Hails as the first Farm Tourism Site accredited by the Department of Tourism in Region 12 is Felicidad Orchard and Garden Organics Farm. It is located at Conel-Olympog Road, Purok 9B, Brgy. Katangawan, General Santos City, South Cotabato and identified as a School for Practical Agriculture of ATI in the said region.

ATI dwells in the Ati community in New Boracay

Ati kids smiling while holding their lettuce harvest.

HOPE is Helping One Person Everyday

If you see one person survive each day especially in the Ati community, hope is regained and that life is not wasted after the Boracay closure. It was an opportunity that opened the gates to a more productive and challenging role in the community of the Aetas. The existence of the first dwellers of the island was given justice to exercise their rights and privileges to government support and services. Hope is the only thing that should not be lost in them, for when they loose it, all government efforts will turn to nothing. 


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