1.0 Rationale
Agriculture, being the backbone of the Philippine economy, plays an important role in the country’s economic development. However, the human resource base of the agriculture sector is aging and keeps dwindling through the years.

One of the thrusts of the Department of Agriculture (DA) is the provision of support to young Filipino farmers. This is to ensure the sustainability of agriculture products through the continued infusion and training of young farmers and farm leaders to carry on the tasks of making agricultural lands productive to ensuring food security for the country.

The Filipino Young Farmers Internship Program in Taiwan is a partnership between Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) to enhance existing relations through the implementation of Internship Program to qualified young Filipino farmers. The Internship Program consist of acquisition of skills and knowledge through exchange of modern agricultural and fisheries techniques, marketing strategies and mechanisms, cooperative management and enhancement of competencies, discipline and values.

2.0 Objectives
In general, the program aims to develop deserving young Filipino farmers to become farmer leaders and empowered agricultural entrepreneurs. Specifically, it seeks to provide technical knowledge and skills in agricultural and cooperative management;
a. To provide modern Taiwanese farming (agriculture and fisheries) techniques, approaches, and marketing strategies;
b. To offer opportunities for an exchange of agricultural information of mutual interest among participants;
c. To serve as a platform wherein young farmers can harness their leadership potentials.

3.0 Qualifications and Requirements
A. Basic Qualifications are:
1. Young Filipino farmer who is an out of school youth (OSY);
2. Male or Female, Single, 18-36 years old at the time of application;
3. Son/daughter of Learning Site for Agriculture/ School for Practical Agriculture/Extension Service Provide/ Farm School cooperators;
4. Has existing land regardless of land size and status of ownership;
5. Has no live-in partner and/or child;
6. High school graduate (Senior HS level)/ undergraduate if college level / technical and/or vocational graduate;
7. Not presently employed in any job at the time of application;
8. Not related to any ATI employee by affinity or consanguinity;
9. Must have at least one (1) year accumulated farming experience at the time of application;
10. Has no overdue obligations from the ATI at the time of application;
11. Of good community standing;
12. A good communicator and can speak and understand English;
13. Proof that has no physical deformities;
14. Willing to learn Mandarin and new technologies;
15. With valid Philippine passport for at least two (2) or five (5) years;
16. Not recipient of ATI’s other International Exchange Programs;
17. No previous travel to other countries related to Internship (ie. Japan and Taiwan); and
18. Passed the following medical examination: Dental examination, medical tests chest X-ray (for Tuberculosis), stool examination (for parasites), serological test (for Syphilis), proof of positive measles and rubella antibody, examination (for Hansen’s Disease), skin examination, for Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS; ECG exam, drug and neuro-psychological test to be done in diagnostic clinics, hospitals or laboratories accredited by the Department of Health.

B. Documentary Requirements
1. Personal Information Sheet (MECO-TECO Form No. 1);
2. Personal History (MECO-TECO Form No. 2);
3. Farming Experience Certificate issued by the Barangay Chairman and Municipal Agriculturist/Agricultural Technologist (MECO-TECO Form No. 3);
4. Certification as a bonafide resident of the area and of good community standing from the Barangay Chairman (MECO-TECO Form No. 4);
5. Certificate of No Overdue Obligations from ATI (MECO-TECO Form No. 5);
6. Certificate on Basic English Knowledge issued by the Agricultural Technologist or Municipal Coordinator (MECO-TECO Form No. 6);
7. Certificate of Commitment to Learn Mandarin and New Farming Technologies (MECOTECO Form No. 7);
8. Training Certificates on agriculture and non-agriculture certified true copy by the Municipal Selection Committee Chairman or Vice Chairman, if applicable;
9. Certification from last school attended on the latest educational level attained;
10. Letter of Recommendation from Center Director of ATI-RTC (MECO-TECO Form No. 8);
11. NBI and Police Clearance;
12. Narrative report from the ATI-RTCs on the selection and field validation conducted; and
13. Photocopy of Philippine Passport valid for at least two (2) years or five (5) years at the time of application or at least with proof of application to be presented during the national exam. (can be submitted or presented during the conduct of National Examination).

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Contact Lyn Bantigue at (036) 267-5951 / 0930 262 8970 /0927 206 6167 if interested.
Application Deadline: February 26, 2021.