New Breeds of Young Farmers

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At last! After a month of immersion, the five 4H participants graduated in the Adopt-A-Farm Youth program last August 19, 2017 at ATI, Barcenaga, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro.

As part of the program, they underwent practical training in the two learning sites of ATI MiMaRoPa. For 12 days, Mr. Nelson Gabutero. Cooperator of the ATI Integrated Learning Site and 4H Camp taught them the principles of Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System. Furthermore, another 12 days were spent at JMA Farm cooperated by Rosauro Diona Jr., wherein they learned to how to manage piggery farm.

After their immersion activities four participants took TESDA National Competency (NC) II assessment for Swine Production and passed while one (1) did not take the assessment because of his religious belief.

Moreover, on its culmination activity, the Center provided them farm tools to be used in their respective farms.