Business Opportunity in Mushroom Culture

While the idea or concept is great, the transfer of technology depends on the enthusiasm of the participants to apply what is learnt after the training. Sometimes, the objective of one endeavor doesn’t always equal the reality.

But with Thelma Q. Esteban, trainings from ATI are always excellent, she expressed. Thelma said that every time that she has a chance to attend the ATI training, she has not missed the opportunity to be part of it.

“Basta po pa-seminar ng ATI ay lagi akong dumadalo dahil marami akong natutunan kasi yung business ko po na banana chips ay sa ATI ko rin natutunan,” she said during her impression.

Thus, with another training for senior citizen entitled Training On Mushroom Production, Processing and Marketing: A Social Enterprise For Senior Citizens on June 26 – 28, 2019 held at ATI-RTC MiMaRoPa, Barcenaga, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, she again chose to attend for it may create a possible business opportunity for her.

Thelma together with other 29 participants became familiar in the different mushroom species which are edible and can be produced in the locality. They also learned how to prepare grain spawn, potato dextrose agar, planting media and transplanting of tissue culture. In addition, they enjoyed the hands-on activity on processing of different products out of mushroom like tempura, siomai, waffle, patties, butchi, candy, ice cream and lumpia.
They also appreciated the start-up kit given to them such as fruiting bags, grain spawn, potato dextrose agar plastic bags and sawdust) for mushroom production.

With this new opportunity, Thelma advised her fellow participants not to regret investing into a business because eventually it will pay off.

This training was made through the initiative of Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology (MinSCAT) through a proposal of Dr. Lourdes V. Icalla, Director for Extension.