ATI in CALABARZON Transparency Seal

In compliance with Section 93 of the General Appropriations Act of FY 2012, the ATI displays this seal to enhance transparency and enforce accountability in its programs and services.

1. Agency mandates and functions
Officials' names with position/designation, contact details
2. Annual Report
    a. Statement of Allotment, Obligation, and Balances

    b. Disbursement and Income   

    c. Physical Plan

    d. Financial Report of Operation

3. DBM approved budgets and corresponding targets

4. Major Programs / Projects categorized in accordance with the 5 key results areas under EO no. 43, s. 2011
5. Status of Implementation and Program Project
Pre-Test see EBI.
Post-Test - the same written examination administered during the pre-test is given to determine the level of knowledge improvement in the participants; also referred to as PBI.
Post-Training Evaluation - an activity which aims to assess and measure the degree of accomplishment of a given set of training objectives at least six months after the conduct of training; It also includes assessment and measurement of accomplishments of re-entry plans/action plans, as presented by an individual/group of participants during the training. This activity can be a part of Result Evaluation.
Resource Person Evaluation - an oral/written assessment of a lecturer's topic content, teaching methodologies, use of teaching aids, and personality.Result Evaluation - an activity which aims to determine the application of learning, or the effect of an activity on the learner’s knowledge and skills. This may be undertaken at least six months after the conduct of an activity.
Training Course Evaluation - a part of the training activity which aims to assess the various components of a training course, and to generate recommendations of the participants regarding the training activity. It is administered on the last day of training.">Evaluation and/or assessment reports

  • Evaluation of the FFS on the Adoption of Palaycheck System – completed
  • Evaluation on
    There are three classifications of trainings. These are:
    Training Conducted - those implemented and fully funded by ATI.
    Training Tie-Up - those implemented by ATI under a resource sharing scheme with other agencies. Formerly termed as Training-Assisted/Managed/ Supervised.
    Training Funded - those implemented by an organization but funds managed and supervised by ATI.
    The conduct of training may either be live-in orlive-out, on-site or center-based:
    Live-In training - those implemented in a venue where participants are required to stay during the whole duration of the activity.
    Live-Out training - those implemented in a venue where participants are allowed/required to go home after the day’s session.
    On-site - field-based training, either live-in or live-out.
    Center-based - those implemented at the Training Center.">Training of Trainors on Palaycheck System – completed
  • Evaluation of the Season-Long Training of Trainers on Integrated Pest Management (TOT-IPM) of Corn (2006-2008) in Region I – completed
  • Impact Evaluation on the Implementation of the Expanded
    Non-Degree - an enrichment/educational activity where a certificate is given; this also includes diploma courses. This may either be an in-house activity or conducted by other agencies, institutions or organizations.
    In-House Development Activity - an enrichment/educational activity organized, coordinated, and funded by ATI for its employee (i.e team-building activities).
    Outside Development Activity - an enrichment/educational activity organized and coordinated by non-ATIbut was attended by ATI employee (i.e conventions, workshops, seminar, trainings).
    Thesis Assistance - a form of financial support awarded to an ATI employee pursuing a Thesis Program.
    Foreign Training - an enrichment/educational activity attended by ATI employee outside of the country.
    Self-Financed - refers to an ATI employee pursuing a degree course on his/her own without any form of financial assistance from the Institute">Human Resource Development Program – Local Scholarship Program (EHRDP-LSP) from CY 2000-2009 - completed
  • Evaluation of the 4-H Club Extension Support – on-going

6. Annual Procurement Plan, Contracts Awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultants

7. Certification of Compliance