ATI Thematic Programs

As the extension and training arm of the Department of Agriculture (DA), the ATI performs its mandate with the following thematic programs according to the DA's Strategic Framework for Agriculture and Fisheries Extension (AFE):

Enhancing Access to AFE Knowledge Products and Services
This program deals with different extension clients' and stakeholders' needs for fast access of up-to-date agriculture and agriculture-related information and knowledge. It includes development, translation, packaging and distribution of knowledge products through multimedia and all other modes of communication.

Strengthening the Competitiveness and Capacities of the AF Sector
This program aims to capacitate stakeholders and organized groups at various levels (farmers, fishers, extension workers, subject matter specialists, experts, extension managers, among others) with knowledge, attitude and skills to achieve specific development objectives and goals. This is being done through training, education and provision of advisory services on agriculture and fisheries.

Expanding Partnerships in Advancing Excellence in AF Extension Delivery
This program supports the initiatives of extension agencies to forge linkages with other agencies fr collaborative undertakings to reach more clients and stakeholders and address issues affecting the delivery of extension services.

Scaling-up AFE Innovations
This program provides for the development of new extension modalities, methodologies and approaches that are fit to the changing extension contexts. After proven effective through piloting, innovative extension modalities, methodologies and approaches are institutionalized and become regular extension interventions that fall under other Thematic Programs. It includes enriching the content of extension in relation to competitiveness and sustainability of the agriculture and fisheries sector.

Strengthening AFE Stakeholders Capacity in Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Management
This is a special program that specifically addresses the extension needs of stakeholders that are affected by the adverse impacts of climate change in order to develop their capability to withstand or adapt to such unwholesome conditions successfully. It covers stakeholders who are potentially to be affected by impending strike of adverse climate impacts by providing the extension services to boost their preparedness. Extension interventions include services that may cut across all other Thematic Programs.

Improving Enabling Environment and Quality of AFE Governance
This program deals with the empowerment of extension providers for policy support, effective management interventions, planning, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, budget, infrastructure and facilities.