CVAARRD celebrates its 41st Anniversary

DA Secretary William D. Dar delivering his keynote during the 41st Anniversary of CVAARRD

CVAARRD Consortium members gathered at the Amphitheater of the Isabela State University in Echague, Isabela on December 12, 2019 to celebrate the 41st CVAARRD Anniversary with the theme, “Harnessing Local Legislative Collaborations and Best Practices towards Richer Opportunities and Harmonized R &D/E.” The event was graced by Hon. Alyssa Sheena P. Tan, Representative of the 4th District of Isabela as guest speaker and Hon. William D. Dar, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture as Keynote Speaker.

Congresswoman Alyssa Sheena P. Tan on her message said, she passed a bill regarding the establishment of a Philippine Corn Institute, a research and development center for corn to support corn farmers in the region and in the Philippines. The government does everything to strengthen the farming sector, she added. She also proposed for the mobile soil analysis for the farmers where they could avail free soil analysis for their farms. She challenged the SUCs to encouraged the youth to be agribusiness entrepreneurs and advised them to conduct researches that will support the youth to engage in agribusiness.

Sec. William Dar, on the other hand, in his message, pronounced his support to the Bill of Cong. Tan to establish the Philippine Corn Institute. He identified Isabela, particularly the Isabela State University as the home of the Philippine Corn Institute since the province has the highest percentage of corn share in the country’s gross national product.

Sec. Dar also discussed the eight paradigm shift emphasizing that we need to produce as much as we could and it is technically possible; irigation should be improved, stating that Israel will be tapped to install Solar Irrigation System in the Philippines; Agribusiness should be our goal, he said. Small to medium farms should be consolidated and the investors has a big role in consolidating the farms and turning it into productive endeavors as cost of production will be lowered due to efficient use of resources, production will be raised and income will be increased. He likewise encouraged that there should be close coordination of CVAARRD with the DA in developing technologies through researches. Universities should develop youth as agribusiness enthusiasts and must be leaders in developing a model in research and extension, he added.

The event was highlighted with the awarding of plaques and cash prizes to the regional winners of the 30th Regional Symposium on RD/E Highlights and the awarding of Cheque amounting to 4 Million Pesos to the Local Government Unit of Echague, Isabela for Goat and Sheep Enterprise Development Project.

ATI-RTC 02 is an active member of the CVAARRD consortium.

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