Claveria farmers, fishers welcome digital agriculture

Farmers and fishers in the coastal town of Claveria, Cagayan can now access agri-fishery information at their fingertips.
Through the Digital Farmers Program (DFP) of the Agricultural Training Institute and Smart Communications, Inc., farmers and fishers who are engaged in production, value-adding and marketing of agri-fishery, were trained on how to maximize their smartphones to improve their productivity, and market their produce.

The DFP employs a ladderized approach in teaching farmers with basic digital tools and technologies, particularly social media. Its learning design is divided into three - DFP 101 (Beginner), DFP102 (Intermediate), and DFP103 (Advanced).
A DFP 101 training workshop was conducted on October 22, 2020. The participants were composed of farmers with their youth partners.

The use of digital resources such as Payong PAGASA weather app, Field Measurement App, and the e-Learning of the e-Extension portal were introduce to them as a decision support tool in their farm management practices, improve their processing techniques, and create a market niche for their produce/products.
In addition, the farmers learned how to access information through Google search and YouTube. Moreover, they now know how to share and exchange information with their fellow farmers through Facebook.

To showcase and market their produce/products, the participants were taught how to sell at Facebook Marketplace. They also learned how to take product photos using their smartphones.

As an output of the workshop, a Facebook Group was created for information exchange and updating of the DFP participants.