14 scholars accepted in EAsY Agri Program in Region 2

Fourteen budding agriculturists from Region 02 were accepted on the EAsY Agri (Educational Assistance for the Youth) Scholarship Program of the Department of Agriculture- Agricultural Training Institute starting academic year 2020-2021.

The EAsY Agri is a college scholarship program in support to the children of smallholder farmers and fishers who are inclined to agriculture providing them equal opportunities to pursue a Degree Program in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering or other agriculture-related courses.

The program aims to encourage capable and deserving youth, particularly the children of smallholder farmers and fishers to pursue studies, professional career in agriculture and/or venture to agripreneurship.

After series of exams and interviews, there were five applicants from Cagayan, five from Isabela and four from Nueva Vizcaya who were qualified and accepted in the program.

These first year college students are now enrolled in the different state colleges and universities in the region. Nine of the scholars are taking –up Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, four are in Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering, and one is enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Agro Forestry.

The EAsY Agri Program is implemented nationwide by the DA-ATI Regional Training Centers.