It’s Harvest Time in ATI-RTC 02 ATIng Gulayan

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San Mateo, Isabela. After almost three months from establishment when enhanced community quarantine was enforced, it is harvest time for the ATI-RTC 02 ATIng Gulayan.

In support to the Plant, Plant, Plant Program, the staff who were in skeleton force from March to April, started establishing the ATIng Gulayan urban garden utilizing every space and scrap materials available in the compound.

The project aims to showcase alternative urban farming systems for food production making food available, accessible and affordable in urban areas. Among the farming systems are container garden, raised bed garden, vertical garden and edible landscaping, all in companion cropping system.

In May when majority of the staff are now reporting, each section has an assigned area to develop. Every Wednesday was set as working day to continuously improve the ATIng gulayan project.

At present, there are crops that are ready to harvest like eggplant, okra, patola, ang kangkong.

Among other crops that soon to be established are FARM-ACY or forage and ethnovet garden for livestock and poultry. The garden was initially planted with medicinal plants for both human and animals, and leguminous grass which will be fed to the animals raised in the center-based learning site. It will also serve as source of forage seeds for distribution to clients as additional extension support.

Aside from the newly established urban garden, the Center is still maintaining its center-based learning site and Palayamanan project.