Allacapan Rural Women Capacitate on Food Processing

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“Empowering Women for Sustainable Livelihood”, a Training on Gender and Development with Food Processing was conducted for Rural Improvement Clubs (RICs) and Women Leaders of Allacapan, Cagayan.

A total of 30 participants were equipped with knowledge and skills and proper attitude on food and meat processing through lecture-discussion, demonstration and return demo.

Maximizing the learning process, participants were divided in five groups for them to actively participate in all the hands-on activities. Each participant was able to experience the actual processing of banana vinegar and catsup, pineapple vinegar and wine. Also, they were able to process meat products like pork longganisa and siomai.

Participants were thankful for their attendance to the training. They were excited in processing their excess bananas and pineapple for an added value especially during peak season where products were sold at a very low price.

Their experiences in food processing opened an opportunity for them to engage in such livelihood. They realized its potential as an additional income generating activity for their family.

Participants also realized the importance of working or partnering together with their husband in providing the needs of their family. It is exercising gender equality between couples.

The training was in support to gender mainstreaming as a strategy towards promoting gender equality as mandated by Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women. It affirms that the State shall provide ample opportunities to enhance and develop the women’s skills, acquire productive employment and contribute to their families and communities to the fullest of their capabilities.

It was held last February 11-13, 2019 at ATI – RTC 02, Cabagan, Isabela.