An Engineer by profession, A Farmer by heart

The B.H Roque farm is a treasure property of the family of Mr. Christian Paulo Magsino as they can’t let go the farm because it’s where the memories of their late grandfather remain. It signifies the dedication and hardwork of their grandfather and how he established the farm to be what is today. This were the reasons that Engr. Magsino considered as he gladly and finally decided to leave his work as an agricultural engineer by profession from (PhilMech) then he wholeheartedly took the responsibility to manage their family farm.

A Farmer-Dreamer in Action

The Gonzaga Center Agronomy is a dream come true family farm of the Gonzaga loving couple. This farm was developed way back in eleventh day of November 1999 filled with hopefulness and gratefulness of Ms. Aida with his humbly and loving husband, Engr. Claudio Gonzaga. It was the day when groundbreaking ceremony of their farmhouse happened with its construction and vegetable patch were on progress. Going back to their homeland to pursue their dream of having a farm was a great choice they have chosen indeed.

Empowered Woman In Love with Agriculture

The farm with magnanimous fruit-bearing trees with coffee as its main commodity, managed by the Valdez Family. Mrs. Hermelita C. Valdez is the wife of Mr. Marcelo Valdez, a Magsasaka Siyentista of ATI-RTC 02. Mrs. Valdez is the light of their home and a sunshine to our mother earth as she considers herself as nature-lover. Through the support of her husband, she conquers the beauty and productive life in agriculture as she currently manages their farm.

Destined to be a Farmer-Teacher: The Story of Gwenneth Brillo

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river in you --- a joy,” said Ms. Gwenneth Reyes Brillo, owner of Brillo Integrated Farm in Callao, Alicia, Isabela.

At her young age of 23, Gwenneth found joy as a farmer herself, and in serving her fellow farmers in her community, after she was certified as a Learning Site for Agriculture cooperator of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

Advocate, Connect, Transform: 2020 ATI-RTC 02 Extension Initiatives amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Year 2020 was a tough year for Region 02. Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, multiple floods, Ulysses typhoon, erosion, African swine fever and fall army worm tested the resiliency of agriculture and fisheries stakeholders.

As the region continues to grapple with these apparent realities, the Agricultural Training Institute in Region 02 stands ready to ensure the unceasing delivery of its extension services.


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