Munggo: A super plant and a superfood

During summer time, rice farms are idle while waiting for the irrigation water. But in San Mateo Isabela, farmers are busy harvesting their Balatong at their rice farms.
San Mateo is dubbed as the “Munggo Capital of the Philippines”. Farmers here are practicing the ‘munggo after rice’ cropping system for years now. They have been doing this primarily to augment their income. The ‘Mungo after Rice’ cropping system has been proven as one way to attain sustainable agriculture.

A Woman Advocates Resiliency and Makes Farming a Hobby

“Manage time wisely; and make farming a leisure to enjoy and not a burden to carry”, says Arlene, a 45 year-old woman-farmer who owns and manages the Lopez Integrated Farm School located at Buenavista, Gamu, Isabela.
Driven by her humble beginnings, Arlene Nicolas Lopez, a secondary graduate, is married to Paquito “Paque” Lopez, Jr. from Negros Oriental and blessed with three children. Paque was a construction worker then and happened to work in Gamu, Isabela where they met. On their early years as a couple, Paque gradually loved farming while doing carpentry works.

Nemalyn: An Agriculturist in the Making

By Christel Jane B. Felipe
Through the years, agriculture is one of the most successful sectors in the Philippines that continuously provide various opportunities to farmers. At the present time, farming is not just about a father working under the burning sun or a grandfather feeding his farm animals. Today, even women can now engage themselves in agriculture.

Agriculture is not about gender. It’s not about how old or young the farmer is. Agriculture is for everyone who are willing to love farming in order to live.

An agriculture student journey...

By Kristie Joy B. Bahum

Through the years the agriculture in the Philippines has been improving through the continuous innovation of technologies and agricultural breakthroughs. On the other hand, the generation of youths today have a doubt on taking up agricultural courses because they are afraid on what the future awaits them if they take agriculture.


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