Overnight soaking or “Pinakurat”: Which is a better way to help seeds germinate

BRGY. LIBERTAD, Butuan City – Two months ago when I was bored at home due to the quarantine measures, I decided to start gardening by growing bell peppers and tomatoes. I had 1 packet each of bell pepper and tomato seeds that had been untouched for so long. So I thought it was the right time to use it. I checked the expiry date and found out it was still okay so I started placing the seeds in my Do-It-Yourself paper pots. After a few days my tomato seeds started germinating. But my luck stopped there because when I checked my bell peppers, the seedlings did not emerge.

The Lovely Couple who cultivates ‘Tree of Love’

“Ang kakaw sama ra sa tawo, kung dili nato paimnun, dili nato pakan-on, malnourished ang resulta dii pud muhatag ug sakto nga bunga nimo, busa sama sa tawo amumahon gyud nato ang kakaw aron muhatag ug tam-is nga bunga. (Cacao is like a human, if we will not provide them water to drink and food to eat, it will be undernourished and will not give us more fruits, that’s why we should nurture cacao for it to bear sweet fruit)”. Melona Solana said during the interview.

A Passionate Farmer-Entrepreneur with a Heart

“There is no other sustainable job except farming”- This is what Mr. Perlito Montañez uttered during his interview.

“Mang Pepe”, as what his neighbors call him is one of the Learning Site Cooperators of the Agricultural Training Institute- Regional Training Center (ATI-RTC) 13. His farm was categorized as Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System (IDOFS). Aside from livestock, poultry and organic fertilizer production, he also planted organic vegetables in his farm located at Brgy. Adlay, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur.

Caraga’s Rising Sun

Success Story

Junie has risen earlier than the sun. Outside it’s cold, dark and misty yet a sheen of sweat has already appeared on the young man’s forehead after trekking his way up the steep trail. At the hilltop, almost a kilometer away from his house, is Junie’s farm. It overlooks the rolling landscape and shoreline of Buenavista, a town some 23 kilometers west of Butuan.

Yay and neigh at Mejares Fun Farm

Not the cow’s moo nor the cock’s cocorico but the horse’s neigh that thrills children and parents to visit the Mejares Fun Farm. Every time people hear the horse’s sound, they rush to the streets to watch in glee at the passing equine star. This new tourist attraction is located in Lianga, Surigao del Sur – a two-hour ride southeast of Butuan City. Tourists keep coming back here because of the Kalesa – a horse-drawn carriage which was the mode of transportation for nobles during the Spanish time. Nowadays, Kalesas can only be found in Vigan, Laoag, Manila and Iligan.

JB Nature Farm and the Man Behind its Magic

Many years ago this piece of land in Brgy. Sukailang, Surigao City was never a sight to behold. It was once barren and rocky. Later it was left pocked and scarred by a small-scale mining site that was only short-lived. Then it became a hideout of armed elements which caused the place to turn into a no man’s land. Thanks to this man, through his courage, ingenuity and eye for opportunity, he was able to transform a wasteland into a farm attraction in Sukailang. Meet Engr.


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