100 Farmers from Maguindanao join the Celebration of National Rice Awareness Month

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ATI-RTC XII Center Director Abdul I. Daya-an posed for a photo together with the Municipal Agriculturist of Mamapasano Mr. Modrika Masukat and the farmers of Maguindano

MAMASAPANO, Maguindanao- With the theme “Quality Rice, Quality Life”, the ATI-RTC XII celebrated the annual National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) together with the farmers from Maguindanao held on November 27 at Alrahman Learning Center, Brgy. Manongkaling, this Municipality.

November is being observed as National Rice Awareness Month by virtue of Proclamation No. 524 signed on January 5, 2004, by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. NRAM hopes to encourage the farmers to produce quality rice and urge the consumers to be #RICEponsible by not wasting rice.

Meanwhile, around 100 farmers from this Municipality graced the said activity. They are the farmer-leaders from different cooperatives and associations in Maguindanao.

Center Director Abdul I. Daya-an led the celebration of NRAM. In his message, he stressed out the role of every producer and consumers in the realization of food security and rice self-sufficiency in the country.
“Kailangan nating magtulong-tulong para maabot ng ating bansa ang pagiging rice self-sufficient at hindi na tayo aasa pa ibang bansa”, he said.

In addition, Center Director Daya-an informed the farmers regarding the Rice Tarrification Law and the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund. He further noted that the funds are now being used in the implementation of the four components of RCEF- seeds, mechanization, credit and extension.

As part of the activity of NRAM, Technical Staff Mr. Saidamen Batua discussed the present Situation of Rice Industry in the Philippines.

After the program, each farmers received an 8-kg brown rice as part of the awareness campaign of the Department of Agriculture.

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