Soil-less Agriculture gains Ground in Kidapawan City

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Mr. Castañeda addresses questions and inquiry from eager participants after the lecture and hands-on was delivered.

KIDAPAWAN CITY - Kidapawan city covers a total land area of around 358 square kilometres. A city rich in agricultural land that farmers can use to grow crops traditionally. But with the rise of population these rich agricultural lands are slowly being converted to residential areas.

The Agricultural Training Institute recognizes that citizens living in urbanized areas also want to grow their own food. So with a free seminar on hydroponics held on September 13, 2019 at the Kidapawan City Convention Center, the populace were given a chance to learn a technology in growing crops utilizing water and nutrients only.

Prior to the start of the seminar, Director Alfredo S. Aton, ATI’s national director welcomed everyone and encourages them to continue to strive in gaining knowledge. After the opening message, the seminar was headed by Mr. Christian Castañeda, owner of OrganiKian Urban Farm. ATI XII’s very own Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) that implements hydroponics technology in his farm.

A total of 244 from different walks of life participated in the 1-day seminar. They were given theories and as well as hands on demonstration in practicing soil less agriculture to grow food from a certified hydroponics agripreneur.