Local families in Tantangan empowered to produce own food

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Photo of the participants during their hands on activity in the preparation of organic concoctions

Food is essential to life. Its availability should not depend on the market. Each family in the community should have a sustainable source of food, not only in this time of pandemic.

On August 17, 2020, the Agricultural Training Institute Region 12 (ATI XII) conducted the training on achieving food availability and accessibility in support to the Plant Plant Plant Program of Sec. William Dar of the Department of Agriculture.

In this training, household members are encouraged to plant, grow, and maintain their own source of food. Aside from the crop production technology, organic fermentations and its benefits were shared by Mr. Johnny H. Pasaquian, Technical Staff on Organic Agriculture of ATI XII to the participants.

Mr. Kelvin A. Lucena a resident in a subdivision near ATI XII, thanks the management as one of the participants and considered the gained knowledge on organic fertilizer and organic pest control were the highlight of his learning in this activity.