ATI-RTC XII Cooks off for the National Nutrition Month

Delectable dishes prepared by ATI-RTC 12 Staff

In line with the National Nutrition Month, the ATI-RTC XII celebrates with a cooking contest and a quiz bee on July 27 at the ATI-RTC XII Session Hall.

The ATI-RTC XII personnel was divided into four teams and cooked three dishes: appetizer, main dish, and dessert. The team also made their dishes with any market form of coconut. The team prepared the dishes the whole morning and put out some fantastic and healthy meals made with coconut.

In the afternoon, each team battled out in wits with a Nutrition Month quiz bowl with questions concerning health, anatomy, and agriculture.

But with any competition, there are winners. Team one won the cooking contest along with minor award Best Appetizer. The second place was awarded to team four, who garnered the minor award Most Promising Desert. The best main dish minor award was also awarded to team three and two, who placed third and fourth, respectively.

In the quiz bee, on the other hand, team four took first place from team one who placed second place. Team two garnered third place while team three placed fourth in the Nutrition Month Quiz Bee.