ATI 12 conducts webinar on maximizing vegetable nutrients

Food Technologist Ms Abigail May Garcia demonstrates how to cook healthy and budget-friendly recipes

Tantangan, South Cotabato- The COVID19 pandemic posed a challenge to the Agricultural Training Institute to continue its services despite some restrictions due to the imposed community quarantines. One of the strategies was to maximize the use of the social media through online seminars to provide timely information on agriculture.

The center acknowledges the need to educate its clienteles to not only grow their own food but how to maximize them to get proper nutrition and stay healthy during these trying times.

Hence, one of the series of on line seminars offered by ATI Region 12 is the Eat Right: Get the most out of your veggies. This episode of webinar with Food Technologist Ms Abigail May Garcia as resource person discusses important nutrients from the common vegetables people usually eat and are typically found from the backyards of every Filipino homes. Malunggay, alugbati, pechay, herbs, squash, to name some.

The webinar was aired last May 4, 2020 through the official facebook page of the center with more than 5,000 live viewers, 447 registrants and a very engaging audience through live comments.

Miss Garcia also presented some useful reminders how to cook and preserve vegetables to maintain nutriental value. Live audience also enjoyed some simple recipes that are easy to make, kids-friendly and economical.