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Gawad Livestock Achievers’ Award TWG Convene: Sets up Selection Guidelines

TWG Meeting, Drafting guidelines, Selection for Livestock raisers

TANTANGAN, South Cotabato - For years, the Department of Agriculture (DA) honors exemplary farmers through the Gawad Saka. Through the Gawad Saka, outstanding Rice and Corn farmers are honored and given importance. Livestock raisers, however, has been left out of the spotlight. Thus, this meeting as initial step to catch up.

4-Hers and VLAP Members Enhance Agri-Skills in Local Farm Exchange

Lettuce farming, Edible landscaping, Farm youth, Alomah's Place

Although it is the norm for millennials to center their attention on growing their online reputation in the vast platforms of social media, traveling for adventure, and living the life they want, there are still those who are willing to delve into agriculture and get their hands dirty for the greater purpose of providing food to the table through their farm produce.

PWDs of Reg. XII and BARMM Ready to Start Raising Chickens After Completing Training

Participants with Project Officer, Awarded with Chicken modules

KIAMBA, Sarangani - "Sa una, nag-alaga pud ko ug manok, pero mali diay ang akong mga pamaagi. So, mao na mubo ang akong pre-test exam. Sa sulod sa tulo ka adlaw na pagpaminaw sa lecture, nadugangan ang akong kahibalo, mao na mitaas ang akong posttest score. Sa ato pa, makita nato nga nagprosper diay. So salamat kaayo nga giadtuan ninyo gyud kami diri.