Extension workers equipped on ICM for vegetable production

Participants interview one of the farmer-growers during the "mock" inspection
activity at Macatabo Farm in Baguio District, Davao City.

Panabo City- Recognizing the need of strengthening the capacities of our agri-extension workers (AEWs), the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center XI conducted a 10-day Refresher Course on Integrated Crop Management on Vegetable Production. This will also ensure the continuous development of the vegetable industry.

Participants of this training are the AEWs who are graduates from the two batches of season-long training of trainers on vegetable production.

Learning insights, knowledge and skills were imparted to the participants through a variety of methods including lecture-discussion, experiential sharing, structured learning exercises, workshops and actual demonstration, and hands-on activities. Likewise, a field visit to a vegetable farm was among the lined up activities of the training where the participants have conducted a mock inspection.

The following are the topics covered during the training:

1. Vegetable Industry Roadmap
2. Principles and Practices of Integrated Crop Management
3. Farmers Field School as Modality in EDS and the Concept of AESA
4. Soil and Climatic Requirements of Lowland Vegetables
5. Seeds, Seed Quality and Seedling Production
6. Cultural Management Practices and Growth Stages of Vegetables
7. Organic Vegetable Production
8. Soil, Soil Analysis and Management
9. Plant Nutrition and Management
10. PNS Code of Practice for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
11. Insect Pests and Diseases of Vegetables and their Management
12. Insecticide Resistance Management
13. Harvesting and Postharvest Handling of Vegetables

The refresher course was held on June 24, 2019 to July 5, 2019 at ATI XI Training Complex, Panabo City,