ATI Davao launches pilot program on “Kalambuan sa Kaumahan”

It is a reality that virtual classrooms will become the norm this year. With this sudden shift away from the physical classroom, the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center XI (ATI-RTC XI) is ready to take on the challenge to innovate online tools for better delivery quality of trainings related to agriculture.

The Institute’s online training program “Kalambuan sa Kaumahan” which is managed by the Information Services Section (ISS) successfully launched its pilot episode entitled “Paghimo ug Orgkanikong Abono ug Pestisidyo” last May 8, 2020, hosted by Mr. Felson Jay V. Mahumot, Agriculturist II.

Prior to the program launching, the Center posted an announcement on the official Facebook page with instructions on how interested participants can register in the online training via Zoom application.

The video was taken at ATI-RTC XI compound, featuring the Center’s ATIng Gulayan community garden. In the training proper, Mr. Mahumot explained the importance of using organic concoctions such as Fish Amino Acid (FAA), Oriental Herb Nutrient (OHN), Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) and Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ), and clearly demonstrated the steps on how to make them.

Center Director Dante G. Esguerra also gave a message to the participants before the actual training started. “It is important for us to keep healthy and connected in times of crisis. Amidst government restrictions on holding gatherings, we in ATI-XI will continue to provide trainings via online as part of the new normal”, he said.

A total of 41 participants successfully completed the online training. Each of them received their training certificate, IEC materials (production guide of making organic concoctions), and a copy of the video through email. After the pilot testing, the video was uploaded on the different social media accounts of ATI Davao Region.

This blended learning approaches will be tried, tested and increasingly used to make it more engaging and interactive for the viewers.

The next online training is scheduled on the third week of the month, focusing on Urban Containerized Gardening.