‘Caromata’ Agricultural and Floral Display Contest held, highlights food security

This three-tier bounty entry of Zone 1, Purok 1 in Capitan Bayong, Impasugong, Bukidnon claimed the top spot and was declared as the winner in the recently concluded 'Caromata' Agricultural and Floral Display Contest in Capitan Bayong, Impasugong, Bukidnon. The event was held in conjunction with the Nutrition Month Celebration.

Capitan Bayong, Impasugong, Bukidnon---The Barangay Council of Capitan Bayong through the Barangay Nutrition Committee headed by the Punong Barangay Dawn M. Roque initiated the ‘Caromata’ Agricultural and Floral Display Contest as highlight activity for this year’s Nutrition Month Celebration.

The contest was participated by the seven (7) zones of the barangay spearheaded by their respective zone officials. The residents displayed their agricultural produce and floral items in a ‘caromata’. A caromata is a two-wheeled, box-like (or sled) vehicle usually drawn by a draft animal which is use to contain agricultural goods for hauling or passengers for traveling.

The judging was conducted in a zone to zone approach by three judges along with barangay officials. The results as bared by Ms. Roque were the following: Caromata Agricultural & Floral Display first place winner was Zone 1, with Zone 6 as the second place and Zone 5 in third place. As for the Cooking Contest results, Zone 5 was declared the winner with Zone 4 and Zone 7 in second and third place respectively.

Along with agricultural technician Dayana Padilla and the initiative of the LGU and the Municipal Agriculture Office of Impasugong, the said contest which was mounted on August 10, 2020 was a timely mitigating measure in the effects brought about by the covid-19 pandemic and to also make each household food secure and food sufficient. Prizes were sponsored by the Office of the Vice Mayor Norly Pepito and members of the Barangay Council.

Community gardens are well known for providing an area for neighbors to grow fresh and healthy food close to home. Aside from improving food access, community gardens provide food security to the family. The joining together of a group of neighbors to organize, build, and manage a community garden brings an impressive array of benefits to their community and to each household.

The greening of communities to make them food secure is anchored via the Plant Plant Plant Program of the Department of Agriculture which also encourages households to plant vegetables in urban and rural community areas.