Citizen's Charter


Food availability and affordability for every Filipino family through excellent extension services in agriculture and fisheries.


Empowerment and building capacities of agriculture and fisheries stakeholders for sustainable development.

ATI Quality Policy

The Agricultural Training Institute, as the orchestrator of the National Extension System, ensures harmonized management of agricultural and fishery extension delivery systems in empowering the farmers and fishers for food security, poverty alleviation and social equity for sustainable development.

ATI's Core Values

The Institute supports the government’s objectives of accountability, transparency, ethics and integrity.. With the Institute’s core values that direct the way we relate to our stakeholders, beneficiaries and to each other, we, at the ATI, adhere and uphold the following values:

  1. Customer Focus. "We give the best."
  2. Commitment. "We serve with passion."
  3. Innovation and Excellence. "We keep raising the bar."
  4. Resource Stewardship. "We work with integrity and teamwork."

Generally, ATI is...
... the overall manager of agriculture and fisheries training and extension of the Philippines
... the lead agency for extension of the Department of Agriculture
... the national apex organization that provides leadership for a unified and efficient agriculture and fisheries extension system
... the lead agency for electronic extension for the agriculture and fisheries sector in the country.

Our Performance Pledge

We, the officials and employees of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in the Ilocos Region, commit to:

  • Cultivate a sense of commitment and teamwork among employees;
  • Ensure utmost transparency, accountability, and partnership in our operations;
  • Facilitate the flow of information, technology, and other services such as resources management, center management and network establishment, systems standardization, and certification of extension providers to customers and stakeholders;
  • Guarantee client-oriented, gender-sensitive, demand-driven, cost-effective, proactive and participatory interventions for local government units to empower farmers and fisherfolk to become more competitive in the global community;
  • Comply to customer’s quality requirements;
  • Comply with regulatory, statutory and ISO 9001:2008 requirements;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the ATI’s quality management system thru participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Serve you promptly, efficiently, and with utmost courtesy by authorized personnel with proper identification from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without noon break;
  • Value every citizen’s comments, suggestions, and needs, including those with special needs such as the differently-abled, pregnant women, and senior citizens; and
  • Empower the public through 24/7 access to information on our policies, programs, activities, and services through our website and

All these we pledge, because YOU deserve no less.

Our Frontline Services

  1. Provision of Training Services
    Key Steps Procedure Requirement Processing Time Person Responsible
    Prepare Training/Activity Design Identification of the activity based on the approved Work and Financial Plan of the Center Approved WFP 3 days Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Approval Recommended by the Assistant Center Director, for approval of the Director and Budget Officer. Training/Activity Design 10 days Asst. Center Director, Center Director, Budget Officer
    Identification of Training Management Team Based on the Activity Design, TMT are created to prepare the needed documents prior to the conduct of the training facilitator, documenter, preparation

    and submission of training completion report.

    1 hour Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Finalization of the Venue Finalization of the venue should conform to the kind of the activity to be conducted and or in coordination with partner agencies and RTCs 2 days Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Selection/Invitation and Confirmation of Participants Preparation and sending out of special order/ memorandum/ invitation letter; and
    Get confirmation of participants thru phone calls, email and text.
    Confirmation Slip 2 days Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Asst. Project Officer Assigned
    Selection/Invitation and Confirmation of Resource Persons Selection/identification of Resource Speakers is based on their expertise/knowledgeable on the subject matter, hands-on and approachable; Send out of

    invitation letters; and Get confirmation of the Resource Speakers thru email, phone calls and text messages.

    Confirmation Slip 1 day Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Conduct of Training Actual conduct of the activity
    (Depend upon the Training; if Season-long or regular)
    Confirmation Slip 3 days; 16 weeks for Season-long Training Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs) Other Members of the Task Force
    Action Planning and Post-Training Evaluation Participants are required to prepare and submit a re-entry plan for monitoring purposes; and Filling up of the Overall Training Evaluation as feedback

    mechanism in the conduct of the training

    Action Plan Form 2 hours Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Training Completion Report To be submitted to CPME three working days after the training.
    • TACR includes Highlights, Photo Documentation, List of Participants, Overall Training Evaluation, Resource Person Evaluation and Information Sheet,

    Pre and Post Test
    • Preparation of Proceedings.
    Sending out of Feedback Letter to the Resource Person.

    TACR Form 3 days Project Officer Assigned (Rice, Corn, Organic Agriculture, and HVC Programs)
    Submission of Training Accomplishment Report to the Central Office Validated and approved TACR 2 days Project Evaluation Officer
    End of Transaction

  3. Provision of e-Learning Courses
    Key Steps Procedure Requirement Processing Time Person Responsible
    Client Service Provider
    Logging-on Log-on to the main e-learning site/page by typing the URL: System displays the main e-Learning component page Online log on form Based on the system response time System Generated
    Registration Fill-out the necessary information including the desired username and password. System displays the “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” link on the left corner of the page.
    System displays the form to be filled-out.
    Online registration form Based on the system response time System Generated
    Upon agreeing to the site policy agreements, click the “CREATE MY NEW ACCOUNT” System validates the information provided by the applicant None Based on the system response time System Generated
    Receives a confirmation for successful registration System sends an e-mail or manual confirmation of the account. For manual confirmation, SMS will be sent to you that you have been registered. None Based on the system response time Site administrator
    Learning Browse the online courses offered and start the course. System displays the courses offered developed by pool of courseware developers at ATI and other partner agencies. None Based on the system response time System Generated
    After completing the course, submits answer the online examination System verifies correctness of the accomplished exam. Online examination form Based on the system response time System Generated
    If the registrant passes, then receives online certificate of completion Issues online certificate of completion Online certificate 1 week Site Administrator
    End of Transaction

  5. Provision of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials
    Key Steps Procedure Requirement Processing Time Person Responsible
    Client Service Provider
    Registration Inquire the availability of the IEC Material

    If available, go to next step. If not, end of process.
    Attends to the requesting individual Valid ID 5 minutes Media Production Specialist; Information Officer
    Request for IEC Materials Signs the request form Receives the request form and releases the request IEC Material Request Form 10 minutes ISS Staff
    Acknowledgement Receives the IEC Material and signs the acknowledgement receipt Receives the accomplished acknowledgement receipt and updates the master list of the IEC Materials None 5 minutes ISS Staff
    End of Transaction

  7. Accreditation of Private Extension Service Providers (PESP)
    Key Steps Procedure Requirement Processing Time Person Responsible
    Client Service Provider
    Submission of Letter of Intent Submit letter of intent to the Center Receive and record the application and turn over to the Partnership and Accreditation Services Section Any Valid ID, Letter of Intent 10 minutes Document Control Officer
    Orientation of the Interested Body Listens to the orientation and/or briefing
    Note: If interested to apply, continue the process. If not, end of process
    Conducts orientation and/or briefing Guidelines; Legal Bases 1 hour PASS Head;
    PESP Focal Person
    Completion and Submission of the Requirements Receive and fill-out the application form Gives application form Application Form 15 minutes PESP Focal Person
    Receive and complete the required documents for application Gives the list of requirements and assist the applicant if necessary None 30 minutes PESP Focal Person
    Complete and submit the documents Receive, record and forward the documents for PESP application to the PASS None 15 minutes Document Control Officer
    Review and Evaluation Comply with the lacking of the requirement, if any
    Review the completeness and accurateness of the submitted documents None 1 day PASS Head;
    PESP Focal Person
    Submit complete application documents to the Office of the Center Director None 1 day PASS Head
    Convene the Regional PESP Council to evaluate the application None 1 day Center Director
    Conduct of ocular inspection of the applicant’s training facilities/office

    If found qualified, applicant will be recommended to the ATI Central Office. If not, end of process
    Evaluation Form 1 day PESP Council,
    PASS Head,
    PESP Focal Person
    Awarding of Certificate of Accreditation Receives notice of schedule of validation Validation for Accreditation Validation Form 1 day ATI Central Office,
    Center Director,
    PASS Head
    Receives certificate of accreditation Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation None 1 day ATI Central Office,
    Center Director,
    PASS Head
    End of Transaction

  9. Dormitory and Other Facilities Services
    Key Steps Procedure Requirement Processing Time Person Responsible
    Client Service Provider
    Reservation 1. Inquire availability of dormitory and training facilities 1. Dormitory Manager will check the availability of facilities
    (If facility/ies is/are not available, end of process)
    Any Valid ID 3 minutes Dormitory Manager
    2. If available, accomplish the Reservation Form
    (If not, end of process)
    2. Provide the Reservation Form and gives instruction if necessary

    3. Receives the accomplished Reservation Form.
    None 10 minutes Dormitory Manager
    3. For tentative reservations, confirmation is 2 weeks before the said activity 4. Receives confirmation within 2 weeks before the said activity Notice of Confirmation 2 weeks Dormitory Manager
    Billeting 4. Registration at the Dormitory Guest Book 5. Attends to guest and assign room Approved Reservation Form
    10 minutes Dormitory Personnel
    5. Receives the key 6. Issuance of room key Any Valid ID 5 minutes Dormitory Personnel
    Checking Out 6. Surrender room key to the Dormitory Personnel 7. Receives room key and checks room for clearance Approved Reservation 5 minutes Dormitory Personnel
    7. Receives Statement of Account 8. Issuance of Billing of Statement None 10 minutes Dormitory Manager
    8. Accomplish Customer Satisfaction Survey Form 9. Request to accomplish Customer Satisfaction Survey Form Customer Satisfaction Survey Form 10 minutes Dormitory Manager
    9. Payment of the Service Fee

    10. Receives Official Receipt
    10. Issuance of the Official Receipt Payment 10 minutes Cashier Officer
    End of Transaction

Feedback and Redress Mechanisms
Please let us know how we have served you. You may accomplish our Customer Satisfaction Survey or feedback form and send them through email at: or call the Office of the ATI-RTC 1 Director at tel. nos. (075) 523 2266 (direct line), (075) 653 6089 or talk to our Officer of the Day. If you are not satisfied with our service, your written/verbal complaints shall immediately be attended to by the Officer of the Day at the Public Assistance & Complaints Desk or by our Administrative Officer IV.
THANK YOU for helping us continuously improve our services.

Panagrang-ay ti Rayuray: A Farmer`s Cooperative Success Story

Ang isang samahan ay hindi magtatagumpay kung iisa lamang ang gumagawa ng paraan para makamit ang kanilang layunin. Ang pag-unlad ay matatamasa sa pamamagitan ng pinagsama-samang pangarap at pagsisikap ng mga miyembro ng isang samahan tungo sa pinag-isang layunin at pagtutulungan sa kabila ng mga paghihirap.