No to Instant, Yes to Organic!

No to Instant, Yes to Organic!

"Instant" food were commonly known nationwide. But, did you know that these were the reason behind instant diseases and instant deaths today?

In the new millennium, the population rapidly swells. The demand of food also increases but the supply were not enough. Then, it became a problem. People researched and discovered different ways to produce more products for a short period, in order to supply the demand.

Now, most of the products produced were called "instant". Instant in a way that the food were ready mixed or can be cooked in just a minute. However, most of the consumers does not have any deeper idea about it. And because of that "instant" products, the unusual diseases became the leading cause of deaths all over the country.

People should also consider these things. The consequences of eating unhealthy food and the diseases it may cause. Not just the food but also the practice of using commercial fertilizers in producing food.

For that reason, the Agricultural Training Institute - Regional Training Center IX conducted Seminar on Organic Agriculture. A blended activity of School-on-the Air on Organic Agriculture, which aims to promote the traditional way of farming and health awareness to the consumers especially the farmers. The participants were taught on how to make organic concoctions like the Fish Amino Acid (FAA), Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) and Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ).

The activity was participated by more than 50 participants coming from the different barangays of Dapitan City. It was also made possible with the unity and coordination of LGU-Dapitan City.