Success Stories

Most significant change stories of our stakeholders. Over the years, ATI has observed and documented success stories among its clients as a result of its Extension programs. These success stories are living proof of the Institute’s undying effort to provide an improved and proactive extension service to the agriculture sector.

Parents mold their children to become a better version of themselves. It is common among farmer parents to advice their children: “Mag-aral kang mabuti, para hindi ka magsaka ng bukid.” This holds true to most of our farmers in the country. As much as they can, they do not want their children to experience the hardship and struggles cultivating land for a living.  
There are many farmer-leaders in the country but only a few can be considered extraordinary. Only a few can claim to be the embodiment of such a title. Add Alex O. Aborita to that list.
Upon first meeting with MS Bendicar Gerona, one would describe him as a typical Filipino farmer, a man who would rather go about the work in the farm than sit down and talk to others about his achievements. He is a quiet and unassuming man. It may be safe to say that the word farmer would soon not be enough to describe this man of many means.   A family affair  
In the many trainings and vocational programs available for farmers, only a few apply their learnings after at least a week of lecture and practical exposure. This creates the divide between mere trainees and those destined for agri-enterpreneurial success.
With high rate of malnutrition, the household health cannot be placed sideline. The government is bent on providing enough and healthy food by improving food production. One key strategy is enabling households to attain nutrition and contribute to food security. This requires mobilizing households in communities toward a community-centered and sustainable nutrition program. This will enable...
Change is one thing that’s constant, and doing it for the better can be a tricky journey. In the case of Mr. Loreto “Yokyok” Plana Godoy, change in farm practices led him to become a farmer leader with hands-on knowledge on Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System (IDOFS).