ATI offers scholarship

The ATI through its Expanded Human Resource Development Program (EHRDP) implements capability development programs to its staff and clientele to ensure better delivery of services.

The Institute has signed Memorandum of Agreements with state universities and colleges for the implementation of the ERHDP where ATI extends financial assistance to students either in the doctoral or master's degree.

The ERHDP is a local educational/scholarship program aimed at enhancing the scientific and technical capability of the country's agriculture and fisheries manpower.  The program is geared towards producing managers and analysts who will enable the Institute to forge its vision and implement a concerted program to modernize the country's agriculture and fisheries as envisioned by the AFMA (Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act).

For the 1st semester of the school year 2009-2010, ATI 8 had seven scholars for the master and one for doctoral degree programs.

An ERHDP scholar enjoys full basic salary and other benefits from the mother agency for the duration of the Scholarship, book or school Supplies allowance of P10,000 per semester or P7,000.00 per trimester or pro-rated as to number of months as necessary if the course or program does not follow the semester or trimester schedule, P8,000 monthly stipend, thesis or dissertation support for a maximum of P50,000 for master's degree and P100,000 for doctoral degree, graduation fees (as assessed by the school or university),and reimbursable one round-trip fare to and from place of residence or place of assignment to be given at the start and end of each semester (applicable to full-time scholars only).

The ATI also extends scholarship to students for the bachelor's dergee program under its Youth in Agriculture and Fisheries Program (YAFP) in furtherance to the mandate of AFMA.  The YAFP scholarship grant includes matriculation fee to complete one's degree course, P3,000 book or school supplies allowance per year and a stipend of P6,000 per month, P9,000 research allowance to be given in full during the conduct of the research, and graduation fees not exceeding P3,000.

Of the 25 approved applications for school year 2009-2010 in Region 8, 13 had already availed of the scholarship grant.  Twelve of the 13 scholars are enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.