For years, ATI-RTC 8 has played an immensely important and productive role in harnessing the potentials of the rural sector through training, techno-demo, farm and business advisory, information communication, and now the e-Extension. ATI-RTC 8

  • applies an integrated and participatory approach in extension;
  • designs and conducts location-specific extension activities responsive to the needs of our stakeholders;
  • coordinates diversified agricultural extension delivery systems that empower our stakeholders;
  • adopts the farmer-led extension strategy (FLES) to hasten acceptance of ecologically-sound agricultural practices;
  • conducts participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation for enhanced result-based management;
  • mobilizes the provincial extension networks to pool efforts and maximize resource utilization;
  • develops, packages and produces need-based information-communication materials; and
  • strengthens linkage with other research, development and extension organizations.