ATI-RTC 8 Directory

To implement our avowed mission, our center is manned by staff of broad backgrounds and experiences who plan, organize, manage and evaluate extension programs and deliver services through training, demonstration, farm and business advisory, information and communication, and e-Extension.

Center Management
Vilma M PatindolVilma M Patindol, PhD
Training Center Superintendent II / Center Director
0917 862 8641
Hazel Grace T TaganasHazel Grace T Taganas
Training Center Superintendent I / Asst Center Director
0917 862 8433
Career Development and Management Services
Dalmacio L Pajanustan Dalmacio L Pajanustan
Training Specialist III / Section Chief
Asst Rice Program Focal Person
0915 851 2147
Ermalinda B. CayagoErmalinda B. Cayago
Media Production Specialist II
Gender and Development (GAD) Program Focal Person
0927 961 9301
Graciel V GacutanGraciel V Gacutan
Training Specialist II
Organic Agriculture Program Focal Person
0998 994 7252 / 0917 712 1581
Concepcion B MiroConcepcion B Miro
Training Specialist II
HVCD Program Focal Person
0916 603 3012
Maria Helen P SecoMaria Helen P Seco
Development Management Officer II
Rice Program Focal Person
0915 532 2147
Gizell Jill D. NuñezGizell Jill D Nuñez
Training Specialist I
Corn Program Focal Person
0939 934 4306
Wenito A CainticWenito A Caintic
Training Assistant
Francis Brian F QuirolFrancis Brian F Quirol
Training Assistant
Junalyn F PalcoJunalyn F Palco
Training Assistant
Information Services
Dennis Boyd R Baltazar Dennis Boyd R Baltazar
Information Officer III / Section Chief
Knowledge Management Program Coordinator
0998 578 9968 / 0917 706 2092
Melinda P Petalcorin Melinda P Petalcorin
Information Officer II
0919 294 0544
Jonalyn G Saulan Jonalyn G Saulan
Information Officer II
0917 917 0742
Bethel John L Sinon Bethel John L Sinon
Media Production Specialist II
0936 261 1477
Emie M Omila Emie M Omila
Agriculturist I
0949 327 1621
Partnerships and Accreditation Services
Antonio E. Cadalin Antonio E. Cadalin
Senior Agriculturist / Section Chief
Agriculture and Fishery Mechanization (AFMech) Program Focal Person
0926 844 1364 / 0921 469 2399
Dolores M. Lapesora Dolores M. Lapesora
Agriculturist II
0919 262 7255
Allen P. Goroy Allen P Goroy
Agriculturist II
Livestock Program Focal Person
0942 341 0420
Vanissa L. Asis Vanissa L Asis
Development Management Officer I
Rural Based Organization (RBO) Program Focal Person
0917 542 5133
Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Services
Planning Officer II
Venus June T. Taghoy Venus June T Taghoy
Development Management Officer I
0916 674 2641
Daniel T. Ecleo, Jr. Daniel T Ecleo, Jr.
Project Evaluation Officer I
0939 925 3019
Mary Jane Pepe Mary Jane P Pepe
M&E Assistant
Administrative and Finance Services
Gregorio M. Nuñez Gregorio M Nuñez
Administrative Officer III / OIC-Unit Chief
0906 466 2601
Nerissa M. Balagapo Nerissa M Balagapo
Administrative Officer IV
0999 762 1873
Ann Marie C. Ramirez Ann Marie C Ramirez
Administrative Officer III / Disbursing Officer
0928 729 8149
Sulan Y. Ramos Sulan Y Ramos
Dormitory Manager II
0910 731 0363
Annabelle M. Garciano Annabelle M. Garciano
Administrative Officer II / Budget Officer
0906 667 3071 / 0920 447 7302
Luvilla G. Alcober Luvilla G Alcober
Administrative Officer I / HRMO
0918 382 5264
Edgardo D. Mejor Edgardo D. Mejor
Network Controller / AV Tech
0916 935 3097
Nilo S. Marquito Nilo S Marquito
Administrative Assistant II / Supply Officer
0926 513 0324
Romarico A. Palacio Romarico A Palacio
Administrative Assistant II / Canvasser
0916 933 2397
Marissa V. Dueñas Marissa V Dueñas
Administrative Aide VI
0927 628 6848
Maximo S. Pantonal Maximo S Pantonal
Security Guard II
0949 484 4145
Yolando B. Apelado Yolando B Apelado
Security Guard I
0926 815 8842
Bonifacio R. Roca Bonifacio R. Roca
Security Guard I
Marife B. Rabi Marife B Rabi
Administrative Aide I
0935 560 9700
Lorena C. Yodico Lorena C Yodico
Administrative Aide I
0926 419 0196
Jean B Intales Jean B Intales
Administrative Aide
Alger B Dupal Alger B Dupal
Administrative Aide
Oshielah N Bandalan Oshielah N Bandalan
Administrative Aide
Mary Joy Fernandez Mary Joy Fernandez
Administrative Aide
Lily Jane L Malagsic Lily Jane L Malagsic
Dormitory Aide
Joshua C Sinoc Joshua C Sinoc
Dormitory Aide
Ruel Francis A Galenzoga Ruel Francis A Galenzoga
Loreto M Lucero Loreto M Lucero
Eleno D Bagarinao Eleno D Bagarinao
Utility Worker