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Jun 23 2017

They execute artistic ideas, hence we give them the Tide Turner award for being innovative and creative. This cultivated a culture of innovation and creativity that goes beyond the boundaries of the Center.

Jun 13 2017

The Internal Control System is a very important factor aiding to the certification of an organization. For farmers, group certification facilitates the access of smallholders to organic certification and later to organic markets with other benefits.
ATI-RTC 8 continues to extend support to farmer organizations especially in the latter’s goal - organic certification....

Jun 09 2017

Throughout its existence, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) has been equipping its constituents with science-based knowledge and skills in different areas in agriculture. The Institute aims to produce competent extension workers that would aid in the empowerment of farmers in the country. However, the average age of farmers in the country is 52 years old. This points out the vital role...

Jun 07 2017

Evaluation of the on-going Tier 2 activities revealed the need to conduct at least another training –the last batch for Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs), so more municipalities can be part of the program. Thus, RTC 8 held the last training for the last batch of Learn to Lead to catch up with the trained AEWs and level-off the expectations with the stakeholders. More specifically,...

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 2017 Soil Conservation Month

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Parents mold their children to become a better version of themselves. It is common among farmer parents to advice their children: “Mag-aral kang mabuti, para hindi ka magsaka ng bukid.” This holds true to most of our farmers in the country. As much as they can, they do not want their children to experience the hardship and struggles cultivating land for a living.

List of ESP, SPA and LS in Region VIII

List of ESP, SPA and LS


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