Improving Enabling Environment and Quality of AFE Governance

As the lead agency of the Department of Agriculture's Major Final Output in Extension Support, Education and Training Services, the ATI spearheads the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of an integrated national extension policy and agenda for agriculture and fisheries sector.  Likewise, the Institute ensures the optimized resource management in the delivery of AFE services. Specifically, the ATI performs the following functions for Planning and Policy Development: 
Policy Development Component

  • Develop an integrated national extension policy and agenda for agriculture and fisheries.
  • Establish and maintain linkages with government agencies with research, development and extension functions, regulatory institutions and other extension service providers for policy formulation.
  • Develop manuals on policies, standards and agenda.
  • Conduct policy research studies, standards and agenda.

Planning Component

  • Develop a national strategic plan for agriculture and fisheries.
  • Develop and package national standards of performance on planning, monitoring and evaluation, extension programs and partnerships, knowledge management services, and novel curriculum and training services.
  • Formulate guidelines for the planning, budgeting and implementation of agriculture and fisheries extension (AFE) programs.
  • Prepare and develop planning manuals for the Department of Agriculture’s IEC (information education and communication) agencies
  • Conduct strategic and annual planning for IEC planning officers

Evaluation Component

  • Monitor and evaluate the national extension system 
  • Disseminate monitoring and evaluating scheme
  • Generate monitoring reports of AFE programs/projects and give further recommendations
  • Review the Work and Financial Plan of the Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Network.
  • Comply with set standards of extension services for agriculture and fisheries
  • Provide ready access data and statistics on agriculture and fisheries

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