Information Services

Involves the acquisition, storage, retrieval, creation, sharing, application and review of ATI's explicit and tacit knowledge in a systematic manner to achieve organizational goals. It is anchored on a culture of learning and knowledge sharing that recognizes that nobody has the monopoly of knowledge. It entails linking those who know with those who need to know - connecting the experts with the learners.

The center's specific undertakings in this area include among others, the development, reproduction and distribution of the following Knowledge Products as print, audio-visual material among others.

Knowledge Products -- Specifically , these consists of the following:

A. Print materials Development

Techno-based Production Technologies

    Pocket Type leaflet on Pag-alima sa lumad nga Manok
    Ubi Recipes, Native Chicken, Goat Raising, Mango Recipes
    Pamphlet on Mga Lusay sa Badian

    Social Technologies

    Poster on Agricultural Service Awareness

    Feel free to visit in any of ATI-7's e-Learning Offices in Cebu and Bohol.


what our clients say...

“I would like to say thank you to our LGU for sending me in this training and thank you also ATI-RTC 7 for inviting us. The training is very timely to us because the inputs will help facilitate our learnings in the field. ATI is great because they provided us expert resource speakers that shared their experiences in extension and roles as government employee.”

-LAYZAN MACALISANG, AEW Siquijor | Wed, 07/01/2015