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E-learning: a different way of acquiring and sharing knowledge

The e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries is an electronic delivery of extension services by a network of institutions that provide a more efficient alternative to a traditional extension system for agriculture, fisheries and natural resources sectors.

It maximizes the use of ICT to attain a modernized agriculture and fisheries sector. Likewise, it focuses on creating an electronic and interactive bridge where farmers, fishers and other stakeholders meet and transact to enhance productivity, profitability and global competitiveness.

Recently, Agriculture Extension students from Aklan State University have visited the Center to sign-up for the e-learning site and have been quite excited to enroll in some of the courses offered. When asked on their insights of how ICTs like these can help them as Agriculture students, here is what they had to say:

“It helps us become globally competitive and makes learning easy so we can gain knowledge and scholastic excellence.” – Mark Nalangan

“One of the perks of being an Agriculture student is that though this course is more on physical and mental capabilities, we are still given the chance to access technology via browsing the e-learning site. And once we pass any course, we receive a certificate which is an additional eligibility for employment. - Glenn Tabasa

“The value of e-learning as an Agriculture student is that it provides us technical knowledge and skills that we haven’t taken up inside the classroom. The e-learning can help the Agriculture students on how to produce or raise crops and animals. This can also help us acquire information that can serve as our guide during our studies. As a whole, e-learning can also help farmers.” - Kim Jay Icotanim

“Through e-learning, I can learn about the latest trends and technologies. It is important because it is accessible not only to Agriculturists and farmers but to other people as well who are interested in planting and farming.” - Reya Anne Barrientos

“E-learning helps students get ahead and gain knowledge to enhance our abilities and capabilities. It can enlighten us on other parts of the agriculture sector. They also deliver new agriculture technologies that we aren’t aware of. Its main purpose is to educate both students and farmers.” - Regine Cipriano

“It is very important to us as agriculture students because we can learn techniques and other technologies from the courses we enroll in. We can apply the knowledge in our other subjects and we can also share those learnings with our fellow students that are interested in agriculture.” - Jessa Lyn Valdez

“We are aware that “Agriculture feeds our nation. At the e-Learning site, new information and different courses are being introduced. It is valuable for us agriculture students because it helps us gather information and enhance our knowledge. It’s very convenient because you can access it inside or outside of the campus. We can also use the certificates from the courses we’ve finished to help us in our future jobs. - Ronalyn Alacaraz

ATI RTC 6 Information Services staff Ms. Deodith Grace Batic-batic couldn’t be more than happy to welcome and assist these agriculture aspirants with their accounts and also expressed her insights about their visit.

“As an extension worker, I feel happy that we are able to promote the services in our center. E-learning can help them with their courses because what they learn within the four walls of the classroom can be limited. But with e-Elearning, it gives them the opportunity to try a different way of acquiring knowledge.” she explains.

An e-Lounge with new computer facilities, tablets and reliable internet connection will soon be added to the Center so that students, clients and others who are interested to learn about the latest technologies in Agriculture can be accommodated.

For more information on e-learning, you can call the Regional Center at (036) 267-5951, email at ati_aklan@yahoo.com or access the site at www.eextension.gov.ph/e-learning. Sign up now!


Jaana Tamayo/JO
Fri, 09/11/2015

e- Learning

For me, e- learning is the future. It will significantly contribute to our government's integrated effort for sustainable agriculture and fishery development.
The ATI e- Extension e-Learning Portal is really a great help for extension workers like me because of its availability on line and the resource materials that one could readily download. I have applied some of my learning from the online courses to extension programs and projects implemented by the University, particularly on organic farming, haigh value vegetable production, corn,etc.
Aside from the cost of internet subscription, the eLearning courses are free to enroll, thus it is cost-effective in terms of staff development for the University. Furthermore, the content is specifically designed for Philippine condition, for Filipino extension workers and farmers, making it easy to learn and apply on field.

Arthur E. Jizmundo, Agricultural Technician II, ECSU,Aklan State University
Fri, 06/28/2013

SOA Corn Production Dumalag graduates

 Ambahanon sang Dumalagnon nga Mangunguma sang Mais               
(Sung during SOA Corn Production Graduation on March 6, 2013) 

Maayong aga sa inyo nga tanan                                                         
Sa mga bisita kag kaupdanan
Inyo kami nga pamatian
Kay  amon kamo sugiran
Ambahanon sang mangunguma
Ang pag-umwad maangkon ta
Kon magluntad paghiliusa
Paghidait ang dulot niya
Para sa tagsa –tagsa nga Dumalagnon
Nga mangunguma
Ang SOA Corn sa aton probinsiya
Suportahon pasanyugon ta
Kay ini aton nga tsansa
Mabuligan pangabuhi ta nga Dumalagnon
Nga mangunguma
Ang ATI sa Banga, Aklan
Ang OPA sang probinsya
Ining ahensya sa agrikultura
Gahatag sang suporta
Sa Dumalagnon
Nga mangunguma
Ang pag ani bugay sang grasya
Aton sundon ang natun-an ta
Kay ini mangin mapag-on
Sa tagsa-tagsa sa aton kon kita
Ang mga damang aton halungan
Mga dragonfly o sisiritkon ta.an
Ang mga singe kag alibangbang
Lakip pa ang bao-bao, sila tanan mga amigo
Ang mga peste sa mais nga ulumhan
Mga corn borer nga naga atake
Ang mahugod nga mga ilaga
Wala gid untat ang ila paghalit
Sa aton nga mga kaumhan.
Gani mga abyan kamo mag-intra
Sa SOA nga programa
Pangabuhi pasanyugon ta
Lakip pa aton nga banwa
Ang progreso maangkon ta.

Dumalag SOA Corn Production 2013 graduates
Fri, 03/22/2013

SOA Corn Production 2013 Graduate

 Expression of sentiment in 2013 SOA notebook


Cecile Estrella Tierne
Fri, 03/22/2013

Pagtanom sang Mais sa Batad

Maayong aga/ sa mga/ tumalan-aw
Mga halangdon nga bisita,/ titser/ kag pareho/ nga mangunguma
Mga kabataan,/ asawa/ kag amigo-amiga
Kami nagpasundayag na /sang amon esperyensya.
Nakita na ninyo/ ang amon mga talento
Mag-arte,/ magtudlo/ kag magdiskurso
Ara guid si Maam Eva,/ Ma’am Evelyn/ kag Sir Bebot/ nga amo ang nagpamuno
Sining Farmer-Scientists/ Training Program nga kurso.
Diri amon natun-an /siyentipiko nga pagtanom
Sang mais nga isa sa/ mga staple food nga pagkaon
Indi lang sang mga kasapatan/ kundi pati man sa tawhanon
Gani kinahanglan guid/ nga id-iron ang pagtuon.
Tama guid ka importante/ pagpreparar sang duta
Distansya sa pagtanom /hindi pagbalewala
Siguraduhon ang paggamit /sang maayo nga binhi
Agud indi mabudlayan /sa pagbatiti
Paunong nga pag-abono/ aton man himuon
Parehas sang bag-ong bata/ nga kinanlan ang colustrum
Sa tanom nga mais /bantayan ang paghamtong
Para indi matulad sa bata/ sa droga nalulong.
Mga corn borer,/ stalk rot/ kag amag
Trichogramma,/ IPM lang ang katapat
Adlaw adlaw/ nga pagbisita sa talamnan
Kag pag-amlig/ sa mga abyan/ nga sapatsapat.
Bilang farmer-scientist,/ indi lang mais/ ang ginstoryahan
Nalakip man/ ang pagsagod sang kasapatan
Pagtanom sang mga kararuton/ kabahin man
Upod sang sloping agricultural land technology/ nga paraan.
Sa tanan namon/ nga mga maestro kag maestra
Kanday Ma’ams Almie,/ Guilly, /Siony,/ Eva,/ Sirs Rene, /Tony, / kag Dr. Comia
Sa FSTP Management Team-UPLB,/ ATI-RTC6, Batad LGU,/DENR/ kag DA
Ilabaw sa tanan/ kay Dr. Romulo G. Davide,/ nga amo ang pasimuno /sining programa
Madamo guid nga salamat /sa inyo pagtudlo.
Masako,/ masadya,/ masubo ,/ makalilingaw
Amon pagbalik-balik/ sa beinte ka semana
Apang ini/ para sa aton paghiliusa
AGRI-PINOY-MAIS/ buylugan ta/ nga programa.  

Batad FSTP Phase 1 Graduates
Thu, 02/07/2013


Today is our memorable day,
And all of us have much to say,
In all the time we stay together,
That stays in our memories forever.
Today we must say good bye,
And we also must not be so shy,
All of us need to say,
“Thank you for all of those days!”
For all those teacher,
Who teach us together,
Even we’re from 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year,
We treat each other as brother and sister.
In all the days of laughter,
That we experience together,
We all feel better,

Group 3, Daja Sur 4H Club
Tue, 01/08/2013

Thoughts of a YAFP scholar

Being a Youth in Agriculture and Fisheries Program (YAFP) scholar, I am very thankful because without this scholarship grant I don’t know if could continue to be in college until now. My parents are so very happy when they learned that I was accepted in this scholarship.

Desirie Solivio
Tue, 01/08/2013


My free academic enhancement (from EHRDP) gave an armour and shield when I am in the battle field. Indeed thank you ATI, for this great opportunity, countless of farmers await our services.

Marfe Junsay Quinlat Sr. Agriculturist/OIC-MA LGU Dingle, Iloilo, Region VI
Tue, 01/08/2013