Building Excellent Service for Tomorrow

Embracing new challenges

When we build something for the future, it is not overnight. It entails a lot of considerations to build a strong foundation of an organization whose people is inclined to achieve an excellent service. A service truly rendered by the Center’s competent staff for the betterment of the Filipino farmers/fisherfolks. “Their welfare is our care”. We care for their on-farm activities to be more productive that ultimately can contribute to their increased farm income and improved farm family life.

We want to attain our national vision through our six core values. Yes, we are building a legacy for our future generation to carry on the present mission of ATI. Sooner I will pass the baton to the next leadership of this Center; with confidence that it will be a higher ethical leadership and a governance with a moral ascendancy.

We are all part of the ongoing chain of "Influence-Legacy" factor and we are a product of someone whom we have patterned our life after. Our preparations for the ISO Certification shaped our work attitudes; honed our talents and skills; and improved service to our clients to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

ATI-RTC VI believes that Man is the center of all human development. The approval of new positions for a new breed of RTC VI Staff paved the way to establish a better human resource capital to support the incoming new administration. Our Center’s accomplishments took its mandate to provide leadership and excellence in agriculture technologies and knowledge management for a more pro active and responsive extension service through its people.

The year of 2015 was filled with notable accomplishments in sharing its interventions in the agricultural and fishery extension service in the Region; following the six thematic programs: 1) Improving access to AFE knowledge; 2) Strengthening Competiveness and Capacities of the AF sectors; 3) Expanding Partnerships in Advancing Excellence in AFE Delivery; 4) Scaling up of Innovations; 5) Strenthening AFE Stakeholders Capacity in Climate Change Adaptation and Readiness; and 6) Improving Enabling Environment and Quality of Governance.

In behalf of the RTC VI family, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for the ATI Central Office’s support and to our partner agencies for their sustaining cooperation to ATI and its programs. Also, I want to thank my Staff for their united spirit in coping up the demands of multi tasking and other factors that made us more stronger and enabled us to attain our targets.