From the Garden to Kitchen: Encouraging Working Mothers to Cook Organic Food

Working mothers are very busy – they have work but still need to take care of household activities. Due to limited time in preparation, they tend to buy instant food without knowing the damaging effects of it in the future.

With this, ATI in Central Luzon conducted a seminar on FAITH Gardening (Food Always in the Home) for them. This activity was designed to advocate organic agriculture and encourage households/mothers to value and utilize organic products for the family.

Prior to the activity, the weekly menu of each participant was assessed. Most of them consumed processed food, instant food, canned goods and ready-to-eat food bought from stores. 

In addition, Ms. Cynthia Tizon discussed the Principles of Organic Agriculture and FAITH Gardening; Health and Wellness. The participants were able to transform PEP bottle into a hanging plant pot, which is also a start for their urban garden in their respective homes. Tizon also showed a video presentation of bottle gardening and different landscape for bottle pots. 

The participants also cooked dishes made from organic vegetables like pumpkin soup, banana sandwich, spring roll with papaya, malunggay and camote, asado tofu and refreshing juices. 

Tizon likewise emphasized the means to ensure sustainability and nourishment of their families by maximizing what little space they have in their backyards.

“I learned about useful practical planting on container garden. We learned on how to take care of our natural resources, the do’s and don’ts to eat and the nutrition of indigenous vegetable available locally. I also learned about different nutritious and delicious dishes and refreshing juices,” a participant quipped.

To help the residents start their own vegetable garden in their backyards, ATI staff handed out information kits about organic inputs like FFJ, FPJ, FAA, LABs, IMO, and MEMO. 

A total of thirty eight (38) working moms and daycare teachers of MSWDO of Magalang, Pampanga, headed by Ms. Shirley Pallangui, attended event, which was held at Charisma Nature Farm, San Roque, Magalang, Pampanga held on February 22, 2017.