Training Program

The Training Program In line with the Center's philosophy that man is the center of all development, trainings have been conducted to provide our clients with technology updates and current information on agriculture and fishery. Primarily, this program aims at developing our stakeholders that comprises the following:

  • Extension workers and service providers
  • Farmers, fishers and entrepreneurs
  • Cooperative members and officers
  • Rural women and youth
  • Rebel returnees, soldiers, policemen and among other who are interested in venturing on farm-business Training courses are dependent on the needs of the community. However, there are also mandatory trainings which are mostly on macro-commodities like rice and corn. The trainings could be implemented either on-site or in-site; regular or tie-up. Common training courses being conducted are related to:
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Project Development and Management
  • Agri-based Enterprise Development
  • Farming Systems
  • Marketing Strategies The teaching methods applied are lecture-discussion, group dynamics, role playing, workshop and practicum. Integrating the participatory learning approach in the training, the participants are encouraged to participate, share their experiences and views. At this manner, participants would be more competent and their skills are enhanced. It would as well intensify the participants' commitments with the agricultural programs/projects they are engaged in. Furthermore, trainings do not end-up in acquiring the knowledge and skills. The learnings acquired are also hoped to be applied and can generate profitable and productive livelihood projects/ enterprise. (insert pic)