Technology Demonstration

The Technology Demonstration Program "To see is to believe" is the common saying of our clientele particular in the farmer sectors. Hence, the Center is implementing the technology demonstration or techno-demo program which is an actual application of the technology to show and prove the effectiveness and efficiency of a matured technology. In the techno-demo, rice farming system using hybrid and inbred rice technologies, organic farming system and corn farming system are basically showcased. There are farmer-cooperators, farmer-leader extensionists (FLEs), Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs), ATI Agriculturists and other cooperating agencies' representatives who are hand in hand providing information based on the actual field results of the demonstrations. This reinforces the adoption of the technologies by the farmers. (insert pic of demo site @ palayan city) Moreover, the Center has established a techno-demo site in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija. It is a 3-hectare lot donated by the Palayan City government to ATI-RTC 3. Various technologies are being demonstrated in the area such as protected vegetable production, on-field vegetable production technology, organic swine production, livestock production and many others. The area could also serve as the experimental site for technology verification of farmers' practices that are proven practical, productive and profitable.