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Aug 31 2016
Many times we have proven that patience and perseverance plus loving your work will lead you to success. It is the most suitable quote for Mr. Joey Alvior, 45, of Barangay  Amungan, Iba, Zambales. His life started as a son of a farmer who works hard to give their children a good life or better. Among the four children of the family, Joey is the only one who followed the steps of his...
Aug 31 2016

An exceptional definition of a farmer and agrarian reform beneficiary, a representation of Department of Agriculture and Department of Agrarian Reform’s mission of  empowering filipino farmers and help them have a sustainable source of living. 



Aug 31 2016

Reynaldo Hilario, 54, of Talavera, Nueva Ecija had been working for 17 years at the National Power Corporation as a broiler engineer when he decided to retire and devote his time to vegetable farming in his family’s 3.5 hectare land as his preoccupation.

Even while still actively employed, he was already working on his one-hectare rice and onion farm and determined to engage in...

Aug 31 2016

Azabahaen Leisure Farm and Resorts is one of the most competitive tourist destinations in Baler, Aurora. Since they started in 2010, the place started to boom and attract tourists and even the locals of the province.

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Khap Khun Kap! The first Tai words that I learned before going to Thailand which means Thank You.... I still remember how excited I was when my professor at TCA told us about attending an International Symposium in January of 2012. I know this issue is already a history but still, I want to impart some of our remarkable encounters in the Kingdom Thailand, formerly known as Siam....

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