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May 13 2016

Dir. Asterio P. Saliot, Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) National Director and ATI-Regional Training Center III (RTC III) officials cited the benefits of the soon-to-rise ATI-RTC III Training Center at Brgy. Singalat, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija during the groundbreaking ceremony on April 25, 2016. 

In his message, Dir. Saliot stressed the importance of giving quality training...

May 12 2016

With this year’s theme “4-H Agripreneur: Embracing Innovations and Productivity”, the 4-H Regional Summer Youth Camp in Central Luzon, spearheaded by the ATI-Central Luzon, ensured to give recognition and appreciation to the role of youth as active partners in nation building.

One of its goals is to provide venue for the youth to exercise their leadership...

May 06 2016

How often do you use corn-based products? That cereal you ate this morning? Corn based. Or how about that yogurt you recently downed? Corn based. And it doesn't even limit to food, that aspirin you took? Corn based. Or how about toothpaste, bet you didn't know that it contains sorbitol, that is usually derived from, yep that's right, corn. 

The mere thought that almost all goods...

May 06 2016

A healthy diet can never be complete without the presence of fruits and vegetables. But with every spoonful of chopsuey or fruit salad an average Filipino eats, he is not assured whether his corn, carrots, lettuce, pineapple and papaya come from a source he can trust. 

So the question now is, who do we trust and more importantly what is the basis of this trust? Farms in...

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Khap Khun Kap! The first Tai words that I learned before going to Thailand which means Thank You.... I still remember how excited I was when my professor at TCA told us about attending an International Symposium in January of 2012. I know this issue is already a history but still, I want to impart some of our remarkable encounters in the Kingdom Thailand, formerly known as Siam....