Being Productive, Magsasaka Siyentista Association Holds Third Quarter Meeting

The MS Meeting president by their President Jomar Jarvinia( In Grey Shirt).  Holding the microphone is MS Secretary Cenon Aquino

CABAGAN, Isabela.  “Being a Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) is challenging. You are the umbrella organization among other RBOs of ATI.  You should always have unique practices and/or technologies that are worth emulating by other farmers.”  These are the words of Dr. Jimmy Abarabar during a short opening program of the Magsasaka Siyentista meeting. 
The meeting was held on August 25, 2017 at ATI-RTC 02 Cabagan, Isabela.  It was a very productive meeting since MS tackled the incoming Techno Gabay regional summit where they will spearhead.   They will be inviting the Governor of Isabela as their guest speaker and RED Narciso Edillo for an inspirational message during the opening program.  
Being resourceful, the MS will be having raffle tickets as their capital build-up scheme for their counterpart during the summit and for their MS funds.  They will shoulder the raffle prizes, tokens, and other expenses in the summit.  They also wanted to showcase their products, that’s why each of the four provinces decided to put up a Tiangge for them to display their products for sale to the summit delegates.  The Tiangge as exhibit will also be a contest.  The MS officers encouraged their fellow MS to bring their products.  Tokens to be given away to the guests and speakers will be coming from the MS products.  MS interventions and innovations will also be presented during the summit.  For the summit to be facilitative, they created working committees concerned of the preparation to facilitation of the different activities. 
Meanwhile, President Jomar Jarvinia reported that the application for their SEC registration was already submitted to SEC in Manila last July 25 for follow up this coming month.  They will also apply for the printing of association receipts and open an account to Landbank after the registration of their Association.  
The meeting was also an opportunity for them to discuss who will attend the national MS summit in Bukidnon.  Some MS expressed their desire to attend the summit.  They will still have to ask for support from their Municipal Mayors.  One of the MS will also be presenting his practices during the said summit.
The meeting was presided by their President Jomar Jarvinia who is now a Sanguniang Bayan member of Cabatuan, Isabela.