AEWs Attend Training on Animal Disease Diagnosis and Management

Participants during their practicum in the laboratory during the training

SAN MATEO, Isabela. Thirty five participants across Region 2 attended the Training on Animal Disease Diagnosis and Management on April 24-26, 2017 at ATI-RTC 02 San Mateo, Isabela.

Livestock productivity is threatened all over the country by numerous infection microorganisms that lead to economic losses of farmers in the countryside. When the outbreak attacks, the livestock inspectors are always blamed. The training was organized to update their laboratory knowledge and skills for better service delivery.

Various presentations were presented to participants such as the status of livestock and poultry industry in the Philippines, necropsy procedures and basic epidemiology.

Participants were also engaged in the collection and preservation of blood, serum, swabs, organ/tissues and fecal material for laboratory examination.

As an output, livestock inspectors are committed to provide continuous services on the livestock programs of the government for the benefits of farmers.