ATI in SOX Goes Beyond Boundaries to Secure support for AgriDOC Implementation in Municipalities

ATI XII AgRiDOC training management visits AgRiDOC trainees in Lanao del Sur.

ATI in SOX remains committed in its goal to assist AgRiDOC trainees in the implementation of all learning they have attained during the season-long training.
On March 1-3, 2017, two ATI-XII personnel went to Lanao del Sur to fulfill the Center’s commitment to assist their AgRiDOC participants in implementing their re-entry plans.   The said visit was part of the training in order to secure support and full-backing from the participant’s respective offices as they implement their re-entry plans.  The visit was seen to be necessary to get better chances of support from the participant’s bosses to ensure that their proposed project that will catalyze community transformation will be realized
As designed, ATI-XII will give Php. 50,000.00 funding support to every AgRiDOC graduate for the implementation of their individual re-entry plan. The said budget will be used for mobilization and other ground working activities up until they complete the implementation process.