Achieving a Healthy Life thru Herbs : Lanao del Sur farmers to grow Herbs for Processing and Utilization

Actual packaging of processed herbs.

Herbs are popularly used in adding fragrance, flavor, and nutrient value to food in culinary dishes. Though herbs were utilized for medicine and remedies during the ancient times, herbal medicines are slowly gaining back its popularity. With the rise of herbal medicine consumers, the production rate of herbs is not high enough to be able to provide to all.
The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in Region XII (SOX) together with the Local Government Unit of Picong, Lanao del Sur reached out to farmers of the Municipality of Picong to help increase the production rate of herbs in the locality.
Farmer participants were also taught the importance of herbal medicine to human’s health and wellness, classify different types of herbal medicine and their uses, adopting of guidelines on proper use of medicinal plants.
During the 3-day training, participants were very satisfied with all the input that they have learned in herbal production and processing. Ms. Kadi Rayhana Pagayawan, a Barangay Chairwoman of Micolabo, Picong expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all agencies involved for the conduct of the training. She said, “Salamat sa MAO naming at sa ATI, at sa mga lecturer, dahil sa layo ng pinanggalingan nila ditto pa nagpunta sa liblib na lugar para magtraining ng ganito. Ito’y malaking tulong sa aming hanapbuhay dahil madagdagan an gaming kita sa pamamagitan ng pagnenegosyo ng herbal processing” (Thank you to our MAO, to ATI, and all Speakers. For conducting this kind of training in our area even though they came from far away. This training will certainly help us in securing additional sources of income through herbal processing.), in her impression during the closing of the training.
The training was held on February 15 to 17, 2017 and was participated by 27 female and 2 male participants in the farming sector and 3 Agricultural Extension Workers from the LGU.