Our Clientele


1. Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs)

2. Extension Service Providers (ESP)

3. Farmers, and Fishersfolks

4. Entrepreneurs

5. Rural women and youth (RIC and 4-H)

6. Cooperative Members and Officers

7. Rebel Returnees, Soldiers, Policemen, among others who want to engage in       livelihood activities

8. Develepment Communicators

9. Community/Farmer Leaders

10. Online Researchers/Enrollees/Guests

11. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

12. Civil Society

13. Local Government Officials such as :

      City Agriculturists (CAs)

      Provincial Agriculturists (PAs)

      Provincial Veterinarians (PVs)

      Municipal Agriculturists (MAs)

      Municipal Agricultural Officers (MAOs)