About the Logo



Shape of a typical farm with the surrounding “Piapil” on earth (Bern/Dike). Symbolizes the agricultural field endeavors as colored green.




    The typical head gear “Salakot” of the farmer and member of his family.




    The development of the clientele of ATI namely the farmers, his farm family and personnel (extension workers) of the Department of Agriculture devolved to the Local Government Units (LGUs). These clienteles are symbolized by the vertices of the isosceles triangle.





The major target of Training, Education and Information program of ATI



    The logo represents the philosophical orientation of ATI that man is the center of all development activities. His active involvement in every aspect of development is vital to his self-realization. Hence, mobilizing collective efforts through human resources development and creating appropriate structures for their viability are fundamental to farm family focused, community-based and farm , and home management oriented agricultural and rural development.