ATI's Citizen Charter

Our Vision

Leadership and excellence in agriculture and fishery technologies and knowledge management for a more proactive and responsive extension service.
Our Mission
To ensure delivery of quality extension services in agriculture and fishery.
ATI Quality Policy
The ATI as the orchestrator of the National Extension System, ensures harmonized management of agricultural and fishery extension delivery systems in empowering the farmers and fisherfolk for food security, poverty alleviation and climate change risks resiliency.

Adhering to quality governance in extension and training, the ATI cultivates a sense of commitment and teamwork among its employees to ensure utmost transparency, accountability and partnership in its operations and to guarantee client-oriented, gender sensitive, demand-driven, cost-effective, proactive, and participatory interventions.
Generally, ATI is...
... the overall manager of agriculture and fisheries training and extension of the Philippines
... the lead agency for extension of the Department of Agriculture
... the national apex organization that provides leadership for a unified and efficient agriculture and fisheries extension system
... the lead agency for electronic extension for the agriculture and fisheries sector in the country.