By Dr. Jaime Abella Sison, Agriculture Monthly (Vol. 15, 03.2011).  Posted 03.28.2011.

Here is a summary of frequently asked questions about dioxins, prepared using information from the European Commission, World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Weather changes all the time. The average pattern of weather, called climate, usually stays pretty much the same for centuries if it is left to itself. However, the earth is not being left alone. People are taking actions that can change the earth and its climate in significant ways.

By Nenita C. Planco, Agriculture magazine (10.2009)

Malunggay reportedly prevents 300 diseases, hence it is dubbed as "the miracle vegetable" and the "wonder tree."

By David C. Dawe

Rice is such an integral part of history and culture in the Philippines that for many Filipinos rice imports are a source of national shame. Many reasons are typically advanced for the failure to achieve rice self-sufficiency—faulty government policy, corruption, conversion of rice land to other uses, backward rice farmers, deteriorating irrigation systems, and lack of farm credit, among others. But all countries, including several rice exporters, complain about these problems. Although some of these problems are important, they do not explain why the Philippines imports rice.