Strengthening Competitiveness and Capacities of the AF Sector

ATI offers innovative training programs for national, regional and local government extension personnel aimed at improving their managerial and technical competencies in the delivery of AFE services. Recent initiatives now include international training courses which are participated in by extension workers and selected farmers from ASEAN Member Countries.
Various novel curricular programs, innovative participatory extension methods and technology demonstrations are being developed in partnership with the Department of Agriculture agencies, academe, local government units, and the private sector. The Institute likewise manages scholarships/ fellowships for the Department of Agriculture's client groups in consonance with an integrated human resource development program.

With the ATI's network of training centers, the capability building programs are designed for extension workers of the Local Government Units (LGUs), farmers, fisherfolk, rural women, youth and other stakeholders in support to the food security and poverty alleviation program thrusts of the Department of Agriculture. Specifically, ATI offers the following programs and services:

  • Training and Extension Support Services to DA's Banner Programs on priority commodities such as rice, corn, High Value Crops, and livestock including the promotion and development of Organic Agriculture in support to the Food Staples Sufficiency Program (FSSP)
  • Galing Saka Program
  • Sikat Saka Program
  • Produktibong Pinoy
  • Capacity Programs for Rural-Based Organizations (RBOs)
  • Farm and Business Advisory Services
  • Ladderized Traiing Programs for Out-of-School Youth
  • Learning Site / Technology Demonstrations
  • Financial Assistance to Start-Up Projects  (Livelihood Projects)
  • Scholarship Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate Studies)
  • Health Insurancce for farmers of accredited School for Practical Agriculture sites
  • Reaching the Unreachable: Enhancing Capacities of Senior Citizens and Phyically Challenged Rural Poor
  • Gender and Development Interventions
  • Early Child Care Interventions
  • Froms Arms to Farms: Fostering Peace Through AF Development in Conflict Areas