New Tales of Success, Influence, and Impact Coming Your Way

MEXICO, Pampanga — Empowering the stakeholders and inspiring more involvement in agriculture and fisheries by publishing stories on their challenges and triumphs. This is the goal of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and its network of training centers as they convene for the “Tales to Tell: Writeshop on Success Stories in Agriculture” on May 8-12, 2017.

About 14 staff from ATI training centers in regions CAR, I, II, III, V, X; as well as the Policy and Planning, Career Development and Management, and Information Services divisions of the central office participate in the said activity.

With the success of “Morphoses: ATI's Treasury of Inspiring Stories,” these staff aim to produce another volume of the publication. Morphoses is a compilation of quality stories featuring Filipino farmers, extension workers, other stakeholders involved in the industries of rice, corn, high value crops, and organic agriculture.
The writeshop puts emphasis on mentoring and peer-to-peer critiquing led by ATI’s Information Services Division Chief Antonieta Arceo. It is the first of two batches of success stories writing workshops for this year.