Printed and Published: ATI Launches Books on its 30th Year

Event host, Karl Salibio of the Information Services Division, introduces some of the books launched at ATI's 30th Anniversary

DILIMAN, Quezon City – In time for its 30th Anniversary, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) officially launched six new publications. The products of various trainings, consultations, and researches, the books that were launched are tangible records of ATI’s accomplishments for the past years together with our Filipino farmers, fishers, and other partners and stakeholders.

The books “Beyond Dreams: Stories of Farming Champions of Region 2”; “BAHANDI: A Collection of Inspiring Stories in Farming”; and “Morphoses: ATI’s Treasury of Inspiring Stories” features success stories of farmers from various parts of the Philippines. All are aimed to honor our resilient farmers, fishers and extension workers, and encourage more Filipinos to step up for agriculture.

Additionally, a coffee table travel guide from the CaLaBarZon titled “Agriculturally Awesome” was launched to promote tourism in the region. Specifically in accredited agri-tourism sites, Learning Sites, Schools for Practical Agriculture, and model farms of our Magsasaka Siyentistas.

While aiming to promote agriculture in the country and beyond, ATI also aims to give better services to its clients. For its development and accountability, the books “Excellence and Accountability in Extension: Technical Guidance Notes in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Program Performance” and “ATI Corporate Plan for 2017-2022” were likewise launched. The material on monitoring and evaluation serves as a guide book on the topic for various levels of the delivery extension services while the latter is a record of ATI’s five-year plan that constitutes the Institute’s plans, targets, and strategies towards its Vision and Mission for 2022.

Along with the book launch, partners in agricultural extension were recognized; followed by the awarding of ISO 9001:2008 Certification to the seven ATI Training Centers who were audited in 2016. To cap off the program, OIC-Director Luz A. Taposok remarked, “I know that with all your support and cooperation, we will be able to reach more milestones and make bigger leaps to make Philippine extension service better and far-reaching.”

The launching was followed by a recognition of Loyalty Awardees in the afternoon and a Glam Night. These served as special events to honor staff who served ATI for two decades and above, as well as to promote camaraderie among ATI’s network of centers. The anniversary celebration highlight was held at the Rural Development and Education Center in ATI Central Office last January 26,2017.